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Friday, December 20, 2013

School is Cool

I've been helping to homeschool an 8-year-old since September and I have to say it is the greatest part-time job. Ever.

In fact, yesterday, I taught the kid how to cut out an image in Photoshop and place it into the InDesign file for the book he's writing. Basically, my heart burst.


The biggest thing I've learned from homeschooling so far is that school really is cool. And when you have the flexibility of homeschooling, it is pretty easy to get a kid excited about pretty much any subject. Even... math. Yes. Math.

When I saw these prints from KOMBOH I fell in love instantly. Obviously, I love the reading one the most, but there's still room in my life for geography and science. I guess.

You can buy these prints and more from KOMBOH's Society 6 shop.

p.s. I use the Society 6 app for all my iPhone backgrounds. It is awesome.

found via DesignWorkLife


beautiful storybook posters

the super-simple bookster prints

a fun project from NYPL labs


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