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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gemstone Book Printables

What is it that makes as so attracted to gemstones? Someone please find out and let me know.

I've had this amethyst painting by Carly Waito as my desktop wallpaper on and off for a handful of years now. I'm thinking the paintings deserve a Book Cover Potential post...

Well clearly my adoration for gemstones isn't a rarity these days. Over on one of my favorite blogs, Design*Sponge, they recently shared two wonderful gemstone printables that show a lot of literary love as well.

First, these gem bookplates with a wonderfully simple vintage vibe:

And these fun, illustrated gemstone bookmarks:

Both make great touches for your summer reads.

You can find the downloadable files for both over on Design*Sponge: bookplates // bookmarks


The first selfie... belongs on a book cover

Do you guys follow Domesticated Desk? I love these side tables she shared...

STILL obsessing over these amazing bookshelves

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Book of Unknown Americans by Christina Henriquez

I'd like to formally thank The Baby-Sitters Club series for making me the kind of reader that immediately loves a book where the narrator switches every chapter, no matter the content of the book. I'm pretty sure it's the only reason I enjoyed As I Lay Dying when everyone else in my class hated it.

Anyway. I was already excited to start reading Christina Henriquez's The Book of Unknown Americans based solely on three sentences in an email from Knopf. When I opened it and realized it changed narrators, I basically felt a wave of nostalgia.

This book is amazing. Not only is it a beautiful told story, it's an important story to be sharing.

There are so many ways families live across our country. In all directions, ways of life I will never experience or understand, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be more educated about my fellow Americans (probably the most patriotic sentiment I've ever had).

And speaking of sharing stories, my favorite part about this book is probably the project that has been paired with it. Henriquez has created a Tumblr blog urging readers to share their own stories:

One of my hopes for The Book of Unknown Americans was that it might tell stories people don't usually hear. And now, another hope: that we will all tell our #UnknownAmerican stories. Where did you or your family come from? What is your life like now? We'll create a chorus and make our voices known. 

If you're looking for another book to read this summer, I definitely recommend The Book of Unknown Americans. It is a wonderfully written, truly beautiful story.

And the cover is really nice, too. Of course. It so simply illustrates the central character, Maribel, while also standing for each young woman the character represents. And of course, not being able to see her face speaks volumes to the way Americans can tend to treat "outsiders". Really nicely, simply done.

(photos in collage via Tumblr)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jack White Creates Publishing Company Third Man Books

I love Jack White, and the White Stripes, and basically every thing he is associated with. For the record, that's about a million things.

Although we have Detroit in common, White is just such a talented force and I'm always impressed by his latest endeavor. And I'm super impressed by the newest project because it involves books.

Third Man Records had previously issued two books, but has now created an extension of the company dedicated solely to publishing–Third Man Books. Their first project is Language Lessons, Volume 1 and it is beautiful. Of course.

The box set includes a really great looking hardbound book filled with contemporary poetry and prose, as well as two vinyl LPs and five pieces of artwork. So yes, you can read Language Lessons while listening to Language Lessons while sitting in a room filled with Language Lessons. Obsessive.

Language Lessons is currently available for pre-sale ($50) and will be available in stores August 5.

(via Paste Magazine)
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