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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Motion Silhouette Book Creates an Ever Changing Story

Children's books can be completely enchanting. Children's pop-up books even more so.

Japanese designers Megumi Kajiwara and Tatsuhiko Niijima have taken the magic of story time to a whole new level with their new book, Motion Silhouette.

The designers explain on their website that by using the movement of light, the story changes with the "falling shadows that move about freely on the page". They encourage readers to "please enjoy the silhouette meaning and shape to change in various ways." 

Motion Silhouette is actually the second book from Kajiwara and Niijima. The first being Silhouette, with a similar take on the pop-up book. Both are such a great study of light and storytelling. 

So lovely. I would love to own both of these intricate, beautiful pieces.  


Friday, September 12, 2014

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Printable

As a small side project, I've been creating a series of $0.99 printables for my Etsy shop. I've wanted to veer toward literary themes because I love the community I've found in the book world. (Especially today when I received some really wonderful surprises in my inbox... that will soon show up in my snail mailbox!)

I was thinking a lot yesterday about one of my favorite books, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I always end up drawn to it on September 11 each year. I think it's such a powerful work for those of us that have grown up in this post 9/11 world and I love all the stories Jonathan Safran Foer has shared about the writing process that went into it.

Although spurred by such a tragic topic, one of my favorite things about the book is the beautiful language Foer lends to his characters that have a difficult time communicating in tradition ways. Which is what inspired me to spend a little bit of time today to throw together this 8x10 printable for my weekly project.

Have you read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close? I never saw the movie because the book is so precious to me, and my group of friends. I'd love to know other people's opinions.

If you'd like to download the hi-res version of the printable, simply visit my Etsy shop and grab the instant download for $0.99. And let me know if you do. I'd love to know. Better yet, tag me on Instagram with a snap of it up in your casa.


my favorite John Updike quote

Wee Edgar Allan Poe

one of my most favorite photos

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Can't Wait to Read: The Third Plate

Is there any better email than a notice from the library letting you know a book you had a hold on is now available?


I just picked up Dan Barber's The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food and I can not wait to devour it (ha! jokes!)

After discovering the work of food writer Michael Pollan in college, I changed my eating habits. First, I decided to only make meat 15% of my diet. Then, I gave up meat all together. Since moving to Seattle I've started to eat fish but not very often, and only if I know it was locally caught. My interest in the American diet has increased along with my changing food habits, anc I'm excited to read a book by a chef who has seen how the food movement has developed on a global scale.

From the book jacket:
At the heart of today’s optimistic, farm-to-table food culture is a dark secret: the local food movement has failed to change how we eat. It has also offered a false promise for the future of food. Our concern over factory farms and chemically grown crops might have sparked a social movement, but Chef Dan Barber reveals that even the most enlightened eating of today is ultimately detrimental to the environment and to individual health. And it doesn’t involve truly delicious food. Based on ten years of surveying farming communities around the world, Barber’s The Third Plate offers a radical new way of thinking about food that will heal the land and taste good, too.
Can't wait.

Have you read The Third Plate yet? Did you love/hate it?

You can learn more about Dan Barber through his TED Talks, or read/listen to this nice piece on NPR about the book.

Also, The Third Plate has a pretty nice book website, if you're into that sort of thing.

And, I'm convinced I need to eat at Barber's restaurant, Blue Hill Farm, ASAP.


another great food book: Eat the City

My first Pollan read: In Defense of Food

delicious-looking fictitious dishes

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