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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Best Cookbooks of 2013

Cookbooks are something I struggle with.

They are usually really beautiful. And I'd love to have a small kitchen bookshelf.

BUT I also have a dozen or so bookmarks of my favorite recipe blogs and they've never disappointed. Even as a recent vegetarian turned pescatarian (ahem. Seattle.), I never have trouble finding something great to cook on those blogs. And with my phone or iPad, it's easy to have them in the kitchen helping me cook.

I really can't resist flipping through them at the store, though. Or pining after their lovely covers online.

After seeing these 2013 lists, maybe 2014 will finally be the year I actually purchase one.

Eater's 21 Essential Cookbooks of 2013: This list is pretty thorough and divided up by region, which seems pretty smart. The New Midwestern Table is my pick to put on a 2014 wish list.

NPR's Best of 2013 Cookbooks and Food: The new Book Concierge also features The New Midwestern Table, so now I've gotta get it. From this list, I'd also love One Good Dish: The Pleasures of a Simple Meal

The 4 Best Cookbooks of 2013 on Mother Jones: Most people might not immediately associate cookbooks with MJ, but as my most trusted source for food-related news, I knew they'd have some good cookbook recs. I'll take a copy of each, please.

The Best 2013 Cookbooks That You Will Probably Never Cook From: Ah, this list gets me. I mean, that bundle of green beauties on the top is just perfect. "Coffee table cookbook" seems like a genre I could get pretty into. Thank you, theKitchn.

And, all four of these lists feature Manresa, so I guess I know what my first cookbook purchase will be.

What are your absolute favorite cookbooks? Were there any on your wish list this year?


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