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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Moby Dick... Is Finally Over

You guys.

I finally finished reading Moby Dick.

According to Goodreads, I started Melville's classic two summers ago... that's slightly embarrassing. I gave up on the search for the White Whale multiple times, but a friend who is obsessed with the story convinced me I had to finish.

I'm not sure yet if it was worth it. (Sorry Sue!)

But, I did make this great Etsy treasury with a Moby Dick theme as a reward to myself for finishing the book.

There are a bunch more wonderful things in this treasury, including a pretty wonderful sailor brooch. See the full Moby Dick inspired Etsy treasury here.

And if you're into this sort of thing, I've curated a handful of other literary-inspired collections on Etsy.

Have you read Moby Dick? The struggle is real. Please tell me you understand.


a Pequod-inspired lunch

a super simple cover for Moby Dick

Harry Potter & Taylor Swift


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