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Sunday, February 05, 2012


You guys, libraries are awesome. In Chicago, they've been through quite a few fights in the past couple of years and they are definitely not giving up, and for good reason.

I think we all know the classic reasons why libraries are important—because they provide jobs, education, after-school activities, increase literacy, etc times infinity—but libraries have been evolving in some pretty awesome ways lately. For example, the New York Public Library has recently gained a LOT of internet attention for their Stereogranimator. Which basically lets you create and share animated gifs and 3D anaglyphs with the help of stereographs from the NYPL's archives.

GIF made with the NYPL Labs Stereogranimator - view more at

I personally own a stereograph of Venice that I wish I could scan in and get to move a lil bit like these.

What about you guys, have you found any stereographs at flea markets or antique stores?

GIF made with the NYPL Labs Stereogranimator - view more at

I feel like they're such a photograph treasure and what NYPL is doing is just completely awesome. Way to combine  something old and something new in such a beautiful way. I wish I could hi-five whoever thought of this.

And speaking of libraries, the Seattle Public Library will always leave me in awe. So colorful and so beautiful.

(all images via the NYPL Stereogranimator)


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