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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Storybook Posters

After seeing Brandt Brinkerhoof & Katherine Walker's Storybook Posters over on Design Work Life, I obsessively clicked between each print deciding which I would hypothetically buy if I could afford to right now. Each is dedicated to a different story. Can you figure out which is which without looking at the shop?

My favorite is probably (maybe) for "The Tale of Peter Rabbit". Although I love the newspapery look of the others, I enjoy the space the Peter Rabbit poster has to breathe.

You can find all four posters, available for sale at $50 each, in their shop. I also have to mention the duo is Chicago-based, which probably gives me a bit of a bias in loving their work so much. But it is always nice to see great work coming from the place you call home.

(all images BB-KK)


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