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Sunday, June 22, 2014

An Orange is the New Black Reading List

I just binged my way through the second season of Orange Is the New Black, and I have to say, I loved it so much more than season one. Amazing.

In case you aren't already following the Books of Orange is the New Black blog, this would be a great time to start.

The blog is filled with screenshots from the show of characters with their latest reads, full reading lists from both seasons and some great questions from fellow fans.

Have you guys read This is Where I Leave You? I love it. And although book adaptations aren't always the best, I am SO excited about this movie.

Plus the tagline of this magical page is "Because Piper Chapman is the new Rory Gilmore"... sort of, not really but whatevs!

Just want the reading lists? Season 1 // Season 2


This amazing book club video featuring some of the ladies from OITNB

Your favorite summer reads

What I'm currently reading


Anonymous said...

great post, love the quotes you pulled! makes me want to binge too!

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