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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Eight By Eight Magazine Artfully Showcases the World Cup

The US lost to Germany today, but still advanced, meaning Americans flooded the bars, I mean streets, I mean office kitchens, excited but confused but we'll probably never not be bandwagon soccer fans.

Basically anyone from any country other than the United States will tell you soccer isn’t a game, it’s a religion. A really, really beautifully-played religion. A new magazine, Eight by Eight, has sought to create a magazine that does justice to the world sport.

According to the Eight by Eight website, designers Robert Priest and Grace Lee were inspired by the revival of a soccer-embracing culture in the US, even pulling the name from the dimensions of a goal—8 feet high by 8 yards long. Their goal is to not only create a beautiful product, but to fill it with great articles as well.

Only three issues into the project, they seem to have conquered the huge task of covering the World Cup. The 116 page World Cup Special Issue looks like something any designer would love to own, sports fan or not.

You can follow their Wold Cup coverage on their blog, The Pitch. They’ve also created a great World Cup Cheat Sheet and guidebook, for all fair-weather futbol fans.

Their Instagram feed is also filled with awesome illustrations and previews.

This post originally appeared on Visual News, the home of daily visual inspiration from around the world.


Miami Vice said...

"anyone from any country other than the United States will tell you soccer isn’t a game, it’s a religion"

How asinine. You mean like Canadians?

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