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Friday, June 20, 2014

Leanne Shapton's Covers for Jane Austen Novels

Once again, Leanne Shapton has created simply beautiful work. After finding these covers on Pinterest, I immediately decided I need to own them... despite any desire to ever read any Austen.

Her use of watercolors is pretty inspiring. She always seems to know exactly the right way to illustrate the subject. And she never fails to do something really great with only black and white.

This reminded me so much of her book, Sunday Night Movies

Yeah, I'd seriously buy those Austen novels with no intention of reading them. 

Learn more about Sunday Night Movies over on Visual News and see more of Shapton's work on her portfolio.


some people always read Austen during the summer. Do you?

illustrated book jackets in similar colors

let's have all the kids review all the books


samantha ramage said...

i once had such a craving to read p&p. but now i will probably never read any more austen!love the cover art too :)


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