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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Brad Thomas Parsons on Drinking

I was reading through Eater Seattle the other day and found a link to this article by Brad Thomas Parsons on the art of drinking alone.

He wasn’t always the only person at the bar drinking by himself, but he was my dad, and there were times when I felt sorry for him. It took me years to understand that he was never really alone. It’s true, a bar can be a beacon for the sad and lonely or those just weary after a miserable day at work, but even when you’re drinking alone, you’re a featured cast member in the organic community that springs up around a bar—whether the actual bar is at a tavern, a restaurant, a hotel or a member’s only club.
I've only been to a bar by myself while traveling alone and then once when I first moved to Seattle. But I totally understand what Parsons is talking about here. I loved observing the community that takes over in this situation. It was a place where you could sit alone and read or watch the black and white movie playing, or you could talk to the bartender and fellow drinkers.

Anyway, the article lead me to Bitters, a book Parsons wrote that I now very much want to read.

Described as "part recipe book, part project guide, part barman's manifesto" it sounds like a pretty great addition to any wet bar or coffee table. You can learn more about Parsons and Bitters at

I've also just been dying to try to make bitters since I found this recipe a few months back.


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