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Monday, January 27, 2014

Paddington Bear for Baby Gap

The saddest thing of my life today is that all the kiddos I know are too old for me to buy them these adorable pieces from BabyGap.

Why didn't this collection exist sooner? All children need Paddington Bear inspired clothing!

You can see the full collection over on the BabyGap website. But seriously, I'd wear a few of those shirts. Marmalade sandwich shirt please.

And since I've never shared it before, I found this 1960 copy of Paddington a few years ago. I am pretty sure I freaked out at the street fair because it was in such great condition and the colors were so vibrant.


this vintage Paddington, complete with boots

more of my favorite children's books

and one I'm currently reading

thinking of starting up this series again

an adorable puzzle book


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