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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Drinking With Men

I spotted this cover on Pinterest yesterday and clicked through and added it to my "Want To Read" list on goodreads.

Here's a bit of the synopsis from Amazon :
In Drinking with Men, Schaap shares her unending quest for the perfect local haunt, which takes her from a dive outside Los Angeles to a Dublin pub full of poets, and from small-town New England taverns to a character-filled bar in Manhattan’s TriBeCa. Drinking alongside artists and expats, ironworkers and soccer fanatics, she finds these places offer a safe haven, a respite, and a place to feel most like herself. In rich, colorful prose, Schaap brings to life these seedy, warm, and wonderful rooms. Drinking with Men is a love letter to the bars, pubs, and taverns that have been Schaap’s refuge, and a celebration of the uniquely civilizing source of community that is bar culture at its best

I can't wait to read this. I can't say I've read much of Rosie Schaap in the past, but after clicking through her blog a bit, I think we'd be great friends. According to her bio, she has been a bartender, a fortuneteller, a librarian at a paranormal society, an English teacher, an editor, a preacher, a community organizer, and a manager of homeless shelters... so that's all pretty awesome. Now, she writes a monthly "Drink" column for for The New York Times Magazine, which is maybe my new goal in life.

You can pre-order "Drinking with Men: A Memoir" now on Amazon.


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