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Sunday, December 08, 2013

NPR's Best Books of 2013

NPR Books make the best lists. They trump all other book lists. Their best list so far?

"... as the holidays loomed this year, we were all suffering from a little list fatigue, and we started imagining new ways to approach our year-end best books coverage. And though Buzzfeed the Internet may be determined to prove otherwise, we wholeheartedly believe that human beings are capable of absorbing new information in formats that are 1) not sequentially ordered and 2) wait ... dammit! and 3) never mind.
Anyway. At NPR Books we're all about book discovery. Helping you find your next great read — the mystery you can't put down, the memoir you recommend to all your friends. And we started to think about a site that would be more Venn diagram-y than list-y — a site that could help you seek out the best biographies that were also love stories, or the best mysteries that were also set in the past."
So this year, they've presented their best books of the year through a new Book Concierge. And it's pretty. And easy to use. And so simply organized. You can't help but love it.

I love this format because of how well it showcases the cover art of each title... without being too Pinterest-y.

And, when you think a book looks interesting, hover over it to see a quote from the review—then click through to read the rest.

Great job by NPR. An easy way to find books for yourself and others this season, and year-round.


a cute illustration for NPR Books

an old, but still relevant, article about the changing book world

best books are always best books. The Best Books of 2010.


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