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Friday, December 13, 2013

School of Life's How To Series

School of Life publishes one of my favorite blogs that pops up on my Feedly. It's definitely about quality over quantity and I'm always excited to see a new post to read.

School of Life also publishes some wonderful books, including two installments of their "How To" series.

Maybe the best part about these guides is they are so beautiful, and so well written, that you can totally gift a self help book without offending the person you're gifting to.

The School of Life also has author videos up that will instantly convince you why these books are a must-buy. Here's one of my favorites, from Roman Krznaric on How to Find Fulfilling Work:

The best stuff.

Visit their shop to see more wonderful products that encourage critical thinking and conversation.


a little bit of advice on heartbreak and learning from our history

a sort of magical book

more incredibly simple, but perfect, covers


Unknown said...

Which blog is your favorite from School of Life?

danielle @ this picture book life said...

So glad you posted this! Great to know about.

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