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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Los Angeles, pt. 2

Last time I posted I shared a few photos from my trip to the library in LA and gushed about how great the gift shop was. Here's what I snagged while I was there:

I'd been pining after that personal library kit forever and was excited to finally use it. I decided to use my 1944 copy of Our Hearts Were Young and Gay as my test subject. I love it.

And today I framed the notecard I bought of my favorite New Yorker cover, with the help of some of my new tape, a small saying and the paper bag that helped bring my new glasses home from wine tasting. So now my trip is kind of summarized in a frame on my wall.

You can find all of these items and more in the Los Angeles Public Library store.


[cacto kaür] said...

What size is the notecard? I just bought two New Yorker cover posters from Condé Nast and they wer extremely and painfully expensive. Maybe I could buy notecards instead.

Mariana said...

Love the way the notecard looks framed- great composition :)
The personal library is so cute!

Karen said...

After you posted that last post I spent an hour or so pining over all the things they sell online. Hahaha.
I love the way you framed the postcard. Very pretty.

Alaina Buzas said...

1. the notecard is the same size as a standard greeting card. perfect for framing!
2. Mariana, thanks!
3. Karen, thank you! and I know, their store is horrible for my wallet.

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