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Friday, March 05, 2010

Cover Compare/Contrast

My roommate and I spent our summer trying to make sure we had 2 copies of most of our books. We came pretty far from our goal, but the books we collected are pretty interesting to compare. Below is a quick slide-show of some of my favorites including "War and Peace", "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" and "Brave New World".

To view my commentary on the covers, either enter full screen mode or click the slideshow to be taken to my flickr page. I've also included my comments after the jump, simply click "read more" to view them.

1. I'm currently in the middle of "War & Peace". I've been reading other books so it's quite a slow process, especially since I'm reading the largest one pictured which is completely unabridged. There is quite a size difference between the abridged and unabridged.

2. Each time I find a copy of "War & Peace" I want to buy it. I've seen so many copies and only a handful have been a disappointment.

3. I really like this cover for it's colors. Also, for illustrating the strange (to us) way war used to be fought, with everyone lined up so closely to each other. 

4. Choosing to put toy soldiers and a toy cannon on this cover is perfect, in my opinion. I also love the simple design of a bar with text over a photo. 

5. I've never actually read "Brave New World", but when I get around to it, at least I'll have some options. I think it is hard to truly appreciate a cover when you haven't read the book but the cover in the middle is my favorite. 

6. "84, Charing Cross Road" is a series of letters between a woman and a bookstore staff. I prefer the cover on the right. 

7. "Dealing: Or the Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues" is a book I had never heard of, and bought for the cover on the left. My roommate and I both enjoyed it and found another copy so we could each keep one. 

8. I have somehow made it to my senior year of college without reading "Animal Farm". I think it is interesting these two covers have the same illustration but a completely different design. 

9. Another book I haven't read (I'm beginning to see a pattern). I like both of these covers equally, though. 

10. The "Lord of the Flies" cover on the left wins for me, hands down. I do enjoy the illustration on the right, though.

11. I'm pretty indifferent to these "The Grapes of Wrath" covers. We do have quite a few Steinbeck's in the design on the right so it is nice to have a set.

12. I would like to own all the Vonnegut covers on the bottom of this "Cat's Cradle" stack. Once again, there is something nice about completing a set.

13. "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" was another book I had never heard of but loved the cover, on the left. Almost a year after reading it, I found the cover on the right and like it just as much. Both covers are as fun and playful as the story.

14. "Things Fall Apart" was probably one of my least favorite books from my high school required reading. I would rather not have a copy of this, or the covers, to be honest.


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cool covers!

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