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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Paste has always been one of my favorite magazines. I'm not sure how I got hooked but I remember donating when they were struggling with print editions and I remember crying on the phone to a friend who was equally upset when they stopped releasing print editions all together. But Paste has really proven itself as publication of the digital age. Not only do they keep their website active, with fun features like daily lists, they recently launched mPlayer, or Paste in a digital form.

And it is really beautiful stuff. Paste definitely took a situation a lot of people probably perceived as it's demise and used it as an opportunity to explore the new format. If you're unfamiliar, each mPlayer issue features the same great articles I've always loved in Paste, but with a digital format readers also become listeners and viewers with music and video components added in. Plus, they've become a weekly publication instead of a monthly. Pretty great stuff all-around that I encourage everyone to check out.

The lastest issue is all about The Art of Storytelling and I love the cover for its book reference and strong type. Simple, but in the digital age I think we're learning even more and more than keeping it simple is never a bad thing.

Here are a few more of my favorite mPlayer covers:

My choices have nothing everything to do with my adoration for Andrew Bird and Donald Glover.

Do you guys read Paste's mPlayer? What about other digital magazines?

(all images Paste, of course.)


Mariana said...

OH BOY. As if I needed more internet "distractions"... :)
I actually don't know much about digital magazines, but having browsed through Paste right now, it's great what they are doing.

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