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Sunday, November 03, 2013

The Windows Reflect Everything from 826Chi

Before I moved to Seattle, I volunteered with 826 Chicago as an in-school tutor. We would visit Golder College Prep once a week and work with a junior english class on their research and journalism skills. (I kind of blogged about this for my old job)

It was awesome. These kids wrote some crazy stories.

And now, the book of their stories is out! The Windows Reflect Everything is also just really beautiful. And the cover is incredibly soft. Like, you just want to hold it all day.

Book and cover design by Blank is the New Black, aka Thomas Quinn. You may recognize a few of the typefaces from Lost Type Co-op, which I love.

I also think the "reflected" numbers on the right side pages are a nice touch.

I now volunteer with 826 Seattle in their Greenwood Space Travel Supply, Co. store. Learn more about: 826's national chapters // 826 Seattle // 826 Chicago

The Windows Reflect Everything is available at The Boring Store and also online from Quimby's.


more love for 826

learn about the Chicago Underground Library


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