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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

826 all day today

I feel like 826 National is taking over my life today. First, James reminded me of their Museum of Unnatural History. Then, I remembered a tweet by Paste Mag that I had favorited and forgotten to look at... it was about 826. And now I'm just realizing the Robot Supply and Repair store I've always wanted to wander in to in Ann Arbor is an 826 store.

FYI: 826 National is "a family of eight nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping students, ages 6-18, with expository and creative writing". You know, the important stuff.

Things for you to do:
1. Check out their online store, especially if you or someone you know is an aspiring writer. My favorite on the list is "The Autobiographer's Handbook" because too many people write boring memoirs. The holidays are coming up and I'm sure there's something in there you'd love to buy. All proceeds support the 826 writing programs.

2. The Museum of Unnatural History seems awesome. The design is beautiful. Check out a sneak-peak over at Public School.

3. Find a way, whether it is through 826, Big Brothers Big Sisters or another organization to help a child understand the importance of writing and keeping creative.

To learn more about 826 and find the chapter nearest you, CLICK HERE to visit their website.


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