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Monday, April 25, 2011

GOOD MONDAYS: Chicago Underground Library

I love living in Chicago. I love print media. I love libraries. I think I might also love Chicago Underground Library.

CUL is a collection of Chicago-specific media produced by and for the community. They archive books, magazines, zines, journals, broadsides, newspapers and art books of all types, genres and print runs from the Windy City area.

According to their website, their obsessive archiving "keeps records of everyone who contributed to a work, as well as keywording every subject, allows us to map the evolution (historically and contemporaneously) of Chicago’s communities and movements and encourage the production of new media by providing context, inspiration, and programming designed to support collaboration." Sounds pretty great to me.

CUL recently went mobile (library copter!) and is looking for a new home. Until they find a permanent location, they are doing pop-up libraries in Chicago's neighborhoods.

If you'd like help them find a home and really help them build and serve community, you can donate via PayPal. Or, if your wallet is looking a little slim lately, why not volunteer? Or both?!

CLICK HERE to learn more about CUL.

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