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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sandmeyer's Sundays

Sundays are definitely my "catching-up" days for all the things I said I'd do the previous week. Laundry, reading, freelance work or even just finally unpacking from a trip I took weeks ago. But I also always make myself leave the house on Sunday afternoons and visit the bookstore or the library, or use one of my museum memberships. This week I decided to enjoy the rare bit of sunshine and walked up to Sandmeyer's Bookstore in Printer's Row.

Although Sandmeyer's is small, it is mighty. They have a wonderful selection of books and a sale section that is always worth taking a peek in. I especially enjoy that they carry the Art of the Novella series from Melville House and have a few of my favorite Penguin series, like the Civic Classics

But my truly favorite part of Sandmeyer's is the incredible creaky wood floor. You just never know when the right step is going to break the store's silence.

After my trip to Sandmeyer's, I also visited the library. I'll share what I bought at the store and what I found at the library later this week.

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