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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election 2012

Happy Election Day everyone! 

I woke up super early this morning to vote before work and loved it. It was my first time not using an absentee ballot and I very nerdily enjoyed completing the arrows next to each candidate's name. I even wrote a super sappy piece about it for my local paper (which is also part of the company where I work), Chicago Journal.

After work I'll be joining the same friends I went to the polls with for an election watch party and some red, white and blue food and sangria (of course). But really, part of me just wants to choose a book off of Penguin's Election 2012 list and have myself a patriotic reading party.

There are a lot of great books on this list, from writers in both parties, but let's get serious. The real winners here are those awesome Civic Classics covers. According to Booketing, the cover design is by Sabrina Bowers of Penguin but that cover for the Declaration of Independence instantly reminded me of the work of Dan Cassaro.

Here's a closer work (via Penguin's Tumblr):

I love the lack of color and the simplicity of these covers. They also follow a lot of design trends we've been seeing so much of lately (ribbon, giant X's, diamond shapes, etc). Of course I'd love to own the whole set.

Okay, GO VOTE.

Plus, one of my favorite books with a warning message about government
and the importance of historical context.


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