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Monday, January 21, 2013

By Blood

I get a lot of email newsletters from publishing companies and various book-affiliated places. I should probably open more of them. I can't remember what particular email I opened that led me to "By Blood", but what a beautiful, wonderful thing I found.

Ellen Ullman's latest novel is the story of a professor who overhears the therapy sessions of a young lesbian in search of her adoptive family. The professor takes the quest as his own and sends information to the patient disguised as mail from an adoption agency. This sounds amazing. It just shot to the top of my "To Read" list (Sorry, Nate Silver).

But very obviously what first got my attention was the fantastic cover, not the story it binds.

Really lovely design work by Rodrigo Corral (as usual), with illustration work by Adly Elewa. The two have been working together on a number of other wonderful things, that I'm sure I'll need to feature again on the blog soon.

Plus, another wonderful Rodrigo Corral cover
& a post from exactly two years ago


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