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Wednesday, May 09, 2012


In the beautiful world where literature and design overlap, there seems to be a recent trend of printing an entire book on a poster for what is quite possibly my favorite new idea in home decor. Last month I posted about storybook posters and litographs, but the posters I found over on Domesticated Desk today are much simpler.

Mattias Shalen's booksters are "a retrogressive reaction to the technology development in the world today."

Mattias says "Try taking those 100x70 cm booksters on the bus and have a comfortable read. I dare you"... which really, I'd love to see someone photograph as a promotion for the posters.

I have to say it's so nice to see a concept executed well, and in so many ways. I really hope this trend continues and that more designers make literary posters in their own styles.

Plus, a lot more poster posts
& it is just about time to make summer reading lists and playlists. Here's what I read last summer.


samantha ramage said...

damn, gina! these posters are crazy! i would read one on the train!


Natalie said...

agreed! Love it!

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