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Monday, April 23, 2012


Awesome news from illustrator and designer M.S. Corley (creator of some of my favorite redesigned Harry Potter covers ever). Two of his book covers are available as prints over on Litographs now.

In case you're unfamiliar with Litographs, the entire text of a classic book is printed into a design. New poster designs are released every Tuesday and Thursday and the upcoming section is definitely something to keep an eye on (I'm looking forward to Fahrenheit 451).

My favorite part about Litographs, though, is that for each print purchased, a book is sent to a community in need through Litograph partner the International Book Bank. And I just really love how Litographs explains it:
We have worked closely with the International Book Bank to develop a strategy where we can breathe life into our old favorites while simultaneously providing new books where they are needed most. 
Awesome stuff.

More about Litographs
& more about IBB
& more about M.S. Corley

(all images from Corley's blog)


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