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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Old-Time Paperback Book Covers Pool from Flickr

This past week I've been on a complete vacation in Seattle: no school, no newspaper and no book blogging. But now I'm back to reality and I'm really excited about some upcoming posts.

This quick update is dedicated to a Flickr pool comprised of vintage paperback book covers. Although many of them are super-cheesy, I have found a few I really enjoy:

"Axe" by Ed McBain 1969
I love how simple this cover is, especially the use of negative space around the photo.

"The Little Brothers" by Dorothy Salisbury Davis 1973
I really like how brightly colored this cover is, as well as the use of type on top of the image.

"Nerve" by Dick Francis 1967
This cover uses bright covers to draw in the potential reader and lets them know a little about the story inside.

To see more vintage paperback covers, check out the pool here.


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