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Friday, August 14, 2015

Classiest Bookmarks: Shinola Book Darts

I love everything Shinola.

The Detroit watch and bicycle company has expanded to have shops around the world and it's like, yes, that Detroit pride.

I just purchased my first Shinola watch and I'm excited to rep the Motor City everywhere I go. Plus wearing a watch makes me feel so adult.

They also sell book darts. Which, clearly, I have purchased and am obsessed with.

They're skinny and shiny and seem so committed to my reading progress. I think they're actually making me read more.

They come in this small tin, which I keep on my nightstand for marking new books.

I usually use receipts or whatever small paper is laying around to mark my pages, so these book darts are a pretty refreshing change. And they're only $15 for a tin of 75

What have you been using as a bookmark lately? 


basically a portrait of me, today.


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