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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Office Letterpress

My boyfriend works in this wonderful old building downtown. And he works in an office filled with lots of creative humans. The kitchen has beer on tap. The walls are filled with sketches of projects underway. Their company library is basically shelves filled with every book I've ever longed for.

But my most favorite thing is this small room, that in an office filled with iMacs, is the heart of the design work done at the agency.

I mean, I don't work there. I don't know. But I know.

As a designer, I can say that a letterpress is such a thing of beauty and a source of inspiration. It's like this living dinosaur. Something that won't die, and we wouldn't want it to.

A letterpress gives you flashes of the history of print. Of newspapers, of books, of posters and fliers and pamphlets posted around cities.

It made me miss the newsroom a little bit. And, it made me super motivated to finish up a few freelance projects I'm in the midst of. You could say, it increased the pressure. Ha! 

What are you working on?


this above-the-bed bookshelf is from my dreams

a year ago, because Orange is the New Black is BACK

bacon ipsum


trav said...

Clicking around the web tonight looking at letterpress and ran across your post here. Great photos. I imagine folks in that office just walk around fully inspired all the time. So cool.

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