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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Literary Living Style

We're moving... again.

Not across the country, again, thank god. And this time with the help of professional movers, thank god.

We're just headed to another neighborhood in Seattle. We're locked in there for a while, which means I'm browsing furniture and decor that I could invest in knowing I won't have to pack it up and move with it anytime soon.

Of course, it is hard to walk away from the gravitational pull of library-themed furniture and beautiful bookshelves. So I've found myself pinning so many wonderful book-related things and figured I should share some of my unearthed gems.

I actually used to have that Library sign from three potato four, but I didn't pack it very well and the wood snapped when I moved. It's a candidate for a repurchase.

And luckily my boyfriend is on board with the whole neutrals + gold thing, so most of these could probably get the "okay". (I'm so lucky.)

Seriously though, a card catalog for my home, please.


still obsessed with this literary-inspired collection from Kate Spade

too many beautiful bookshelves, not enough square footage

reading is radical!


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