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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Simple Box Bookshelves from Aust & Amelung

Dear readers of the world,

You may now furnish your living rooms. Germany-based design studio aust & amelung has created everything you need to read in style.

Designers Miriam Aust and Sebastian Amelung say one their site that "reduction and simplicity define the form as well as the function of their objects", which I think is pretty evident if you look at the photos of their work.

I love how this one product can completely transform a wall in so many ways. The possibilities are really endless when you think of the incredible book cover patterns, designs and typography that could cover your home. 

Miriam Aust has also designed "a bookshelf" (simple names are best?).
This book shelf offers for these books which became precious just a new presence and aditional function in the special „shelf architecture“. A quite arbitrary number of shelf boxes in different heights, cutting and turning round each, are forming this shelf.

And once you've chosen a book off the shelf, they've also created a couch to read on, as well as floor lamps and hanging lamps to illuminate your reading space.

I love their simple collections and designs. Great work for readers by Aust & Amelung.

(via Fast.Co Design)


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bookshelves that disappear into the wall

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danielle @ this picture book life said...

Love those shelves!! Living room = art gallery.

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