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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beautiful Modular Bookshelves Disappear Into the Wall

I recently moved into a pretty small one bedroom apartment, with my boyfriend and my cat. It's... cozy. And I love it. But I also wish I had more room to display books.

Hello, perfect solution to all my wants and needs!

The Fl├Ąpps wall shelving system from AMBIVALENZ is brilliant and beautiful. You can mix and match the styles and sizes you want to create the perfect shelving system for your home.

And when you decide you need a change, flip a few up into the wall or fold them down. I love that it's so easy to create a new look and decorate without exchanging furniture.

Did I mention there is an iceberg shelf? There is. I want/need it. 

See the full system over on the Ambivalenz website, where you can also purchase these pricey things. 

(via Design Milk)


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