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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Book Lover Problems in GIF form

After exclaiming "That's so true!" aloud after the first five items on this Buzzfeed list, I decided I just had share it with you guys.

So here are my top five from the list "19 Dilemmas Every Book-Love Has Faced At Least Once":

Should I lug a moving truck's-worth of books to my new apartment, even though it will make this already terrible experience even more strenuous?

Did I just move from the third story of a condo to the fourth story of an apartment building? Yes. Did I bring almost ALL of my books with me (after a sad goodbye to send a couple of bags to Goodwill)? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. Also, I'm totally counting it as a workout.

Should I buy this new book, even though I've got literally hundreds at home that I've never read?

In the interest of paying my rent, I have been using my library card like its my job. Going into a bookstore, unfortunately, is something I've been avoiding. At the same time, I've fallen in love with the Seattle Public Library system.

Should I buy books on vacation, even though I packed some AND have no room in my luggage? 

A long time ago, I made an agreement with myself that the best souvenirs were books and the only things I was allowed to buy on vacay. On a recent visit to Mt. Rushmore, I went nuts and bought five of these Golden Guides (which I will totally be posting about sooner or later). Do they have ANYTHING to do with Mt. Rushmore? Basically not, but they're beautiful and supported the park district, and that's all that matters.

Should I start a new book, even though I'm in the middle of five others? 

I used to feel SO guilty when I didn't finish a book, but I've gotten past that. This is just my constant state of reading now. Always starting something new. Finishing a book about 50% of the time.

Should I keep buying lots and lots of books, even though last month I almost didn't make rent?

Uh, please see my second favorite from this list.

To be honest, sometimes I get a little Buzzfeed-annoyed. Just too many lists. But this one was pretty perfect.

What number on the list do you relate to the most? #1 is definitely one I've dealt with a LOT recently. Why are books SO heavy? Do you think I could magically make them lighter if I had gone to Hogwarts? For real.


I am LOVING the new book I'm reading about my hometown

If you're ever in Seattle, Third Place Books Ravenna is a must-visit. I'm obsessed.

STILL laughing at this screen grab of Piper during Season 2 of OITNB


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