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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Bibliophile Candles from Frostbeard Studio on Etsy

You know those times where you totally thought you crossed something off your To Do list but uh, you never did? Like maybe you just dreamed it?

Like this post.

Which is totally worth the wait. The Frostbeard Studio Etsy shop is just amazing.

Based in Minneapolis, the husband and wife team behind Frostbeard specialize in soy candles and wax tarts in beautiful colors with cute labels. The best part is they're all named for characters and locations in books.

So so fun. Clearly I love all the Harry Potter ones, but the Fresh Towel really made me happy.

Apparently they also have a cat assistant. Love it.

Shops like this make me so happy Etsy exists. Good job, Frostbeard!


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