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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Short Stack Cookbooks

I'm hungry, but too lazy to go downstairs to the kitchen. Instead, I'm sharing these beautiful cookbook/magazine hybrids that I've been meaning to post about for awhile now.

Meet the Short Stack cookbooks.
Short Stack is a series of small-format cookbooks about inspiring ingredients, authored by America’s top culinary talents. Each edition is a collectible, single-subject booklet packed with recipes that offer ingenious new ways to cook our favorite ingredients. 

They're just so nice looking. Each book is printed locally and stitch-bound by hand using baker's twine. Short Stack also invites readers to help with bookmaking at a gathering they host for each edition they release. I also love that Short Stack is another Kickstarter success story. Basically this whole thing just screams "community".

I'm also on quite a "I need all the beautiful tea towels" kick right now, so of course this caught my eye:

Learn more about Short Stack Editions on their website, buy past editions in the shop, or sign up for a 2014 subscription.


more beautiful things we can thank Kickstarter for

the best cookbooks of 2013

one of my favorite books about food

have you ever made your own bookends?

and I'm going to go make this salad now


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