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Monday, August 05, 2013

Seattle: My New City

So I moved to Seattle.

Heather and I packed up a rental SUV on Wednesday and drove from Chicago to St. Paul to Billings to Yellowstone to Missoula to Spokane to Seattle {see road trip pics} and arrived at my new home on Saturday.

We, obviously, used the America the Beautiful pack from Field Notes to document our adventures. Including an elk encounter.

This is the current state of my bedroom. I'm sleeping on an air mattress until my mom visits this weekend to help me buy and assemble furniture, and I don't have any bookshelves or a desk to assemble or arrange, but of course I've already unpacked my records and record player.

I had to return my rental car this morning and since I have yet to figure out Orca (the best name for a public transit system. Ever.) I walked back to my apartment from Avis. I live just north of Green Lake and have a feeling I'll be doing most of my reading there. Plus, I found the perfect childrens book store and already feel like I'm best of friends with the woman who helped me out. I'll post later on my purchases.

& why I moved: I quit my job to start a career as a full-time freelance designer. I chose Seattle because a family I love moved back here after a few years in Chicago (where I met them) and I'm going to be working with them again part-time. Plus some family of my own, and mountains and whales. I'm really looking forward to being able to spend more time on To Be Shelved, and ooohhhaiku, as part of this big change. I think I'm going to bring back a few of my favorite series from months past and return to doing interviews with designers.

So. Do you have a favorite bookstore or reading spot in Seattle? Please share.


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