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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Favorite New Baby Books

During my journey home on Monday, I found the nicest little children's book store, complete with cafe and story time. Of course, I can't leave a bookstore empty handed so I picked out two books for my friend Taylor, who has her second baby on the way.

Her daughter Lucy is one and a half and just too beautiful. I've loved spoiling her with fun things. Now Lucy has a baby sister on the way which means she gets to be a big sister, which is maybe my favorite role on this earth. I loved when my little brother was born and even tried to name him after my Cabbage Patch doll (my parents went a different route unfortunately). 

When I saw these books at Mockingbird, I was flooded with nostalgia for the days when I felt like such an older, wiser, child than my baby brother. When it was my responsibility to teach him the ways of the world and make sure he was safe from harm. 

Of course, I still feel that way now that we're both in our twenties. 

So I'm sending these two books to Taylor and Donovan to read to Lucy (spoiler alert). I'm so excited for the journey she's about to begin as a big sister. 

P.S. - This was my first reaction to being a big sister: 


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