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Friday, May 10, 2013

Never drop a book in the bathtub again

Kids are awesome.

I'm not sure I ever want any, but that doesn't mean I'm not constantly in awe by their imagination and innovation.

Reddit user crash-from-space uploaded this photo of his eight-year-old daughter's brilliant idea for reading in the bathtub. Simply attach a your dog leash to your book... obviously.

I have to admit, the main reason I do not read in the bath is because I KNOW I will drop it in the water.  Also why I very clearly do not read books on my iPad while in the bathtub. Also I'd just rather read on the beach.

So how long until someone has a Kickstarter up for a really nice model of this?

One of my favorite designers had a cover chosen by Reddit users. Pretty interesting idea.
And another example of kids being awesome: A mini cover critic.


Anonymous said...

That's why I read by water and food with an waterproof Sony Xperia Z Ultra smartphone.

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