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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Google Hangout emoji icon book love

This is a really silly post and that's just how I'm feeling.

I was going to put up my review of Charlie LeDuff's "Detroit", but there is an apocalyptic thunderstorm happening in Chicago right now so let's focus on things that are fun.

Gmail just changed their chat systems in an effort to push Hangouts. With that came literally a billion new emojis. Obviously, my friends and I had some fun playing with them today and I discovered so many book things!

Do you use Gchat? Totally not while you're at work... of course. What do you think of the changes they've made?

I think I'm just going to book bomb people constantly.

Also, Steve Holt.

- You can't give bees as a gift, Michael (Welcome back AD!)
This is what has been sucking my time away (just like with any new project, it needs tender, loving care for a bit before I can let it thrive on its own)


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