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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Julieta Felix for The Fox is Black

The Fox is Black is one of my favorite blog, hands down. It's a collection of beautiful things and interesting ideas, created and curated by Bobby Solomon.

One of my favorite regular features on TFIB is the Desktop Wallpaper Project. An amazing array of illustrators, designers and artists contribute to the project and I can say that probably 80% of the time my desktop background comes from here.

The most recent addition to the project comes from Julieta Felix. I love it for pretty obvious reasons.

Bobby says it's a reminder that sometimes we need to disconnect everyone once in a while. Absolutely true and perfect for a desktop. Just shut your laptop and walk away.

Visit TFIB to download the right size for your desktop.

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& more work by wonderful illustrators


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the desktop wallpaper! Glad to find this on the internet.
- Julieta Felix

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