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Monday, November 05, 2012

An Extraordinary Theory of Objects

I absolutely love receiving books to review but since I'm a book design blog sometimes the packages I open are a little disappointing. Uncorrected proofs and review copies tend to be sent out without finalized cover designs and I can understand why.

When I opened the envelope holding "An Extraordinary Theory of Objects" I was excited. The proof cover (from what my internet searching told me) is very similar to the final cover if not identical and was so pretty.

Stephanie LaCava's memoir of growing up in Paris as an outsider is sort of about the beautiful objects she collected and sort of about just growing up. Some of her collected objects adorn the cover but the illustrations continue throughout the book as well. The illustrations really help to give Stephanie's story a magical feel of adolescence and being in an unfamiliar space.

I actually read this book while I was in China and it was a perfect companion piece to my trip.

Plus, more autobiographies
and speaking of illustrations, remember that beautiful Charley Harper book?


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