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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mugs and Books

I need to do a lil' bit of bragging for a minute, because I really never win contests. So here we go... 

About a month ago I entered a little contest over on the Penguin Books Facebook page called "Mugs and Books Go Hand in Hand". Basically you just had to upload a photo of your favorite mug and book spending a lil' time together. I entered this photo and was one of the winners! Which means I am now the proud owner of this Penguin Classics mug.

So cute. And I think I got pretty lucky with the book on my mug (I secretly wanted to beg for anything except Jane Eyre).

You can find the rest of the mugs here, along with other fun Penguin merch.

More Penguin love, plus some cheeky matchboxes.


Mariana said...

Oh, congrats!
It was a very lovely photo (your mug and book)- and the new mug is fabulous. Love the green :)

samantha ramage said...

congrats on your win!!!
love the mug!


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