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Saturday, February 11, 2012

winter weekend

It is a really beautiful, sunny winter Saturday here in Chicago. I've spent the morning catching up on reading, being attacked by my cat Zooey and sipping some freshly french-pressed coffee... and procrastinating doing anything that's actually on my to do list.

Here's something I read this morning in Rabbit is Rich that I really enjoyed:
Stepping out between the monumental pillars into the winter daylight blinking, Janice and Harry owned a house, and the day after tomorrow would fy into summer. For years nothing happens; then everything happens. Water boils, the cactus blooms, cancer declares itself. 
I hope everyone else is having an equally lazy and enjoyable weekend.


Charlotte said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, I love spending mornings catching up on my reading, and that passage you posted is beautiful.

Also, we have the same bedspread. Following you now :)

Me said...

What an awesome picture. The mug looks like a magnifying lens, but I guess that that's the point!

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