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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Heads of State

Yesterday, I posted about a fun project from one of my favorite design studios, Heads of State. Today I wanted to share a few of the book covers they've worked on.

I really like how simple and clean these designs are, but they aren't boring. The cover for "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" might be my favorite in this batch. I always enjoy when a design for a series like that can fit the series but still stand out, and in this case, still carry a good balance between vintage and modern design.

And that quote at the bottom comes from the little intro statement on their website. The full text reads:

We are a mom & pop design shop. A garage band agency. A start-up that's been around for years. We make posters, books, illustrations, identities, you name it. But most of all we make ideas.

Awesome. Sounds like a studio that would be a pleasure to work with.

Learn more:
More book covers from The Heads of State
The Heads of State studio website

(all images the Heads of State)


Mariana said...

They're all eye catching covers- love the Seven Pillars of Wisdom as well.

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