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Friday, March 02, 2012

English Muse, pt 2

Happy Friday, everyone.

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to blog again over on English Muse. In case you're not familiar with Tina's blog, its a collection of the calm, quiet things that remind me of rainy Saturdays and summer mornings.

This time I spoke a bit about the idea of a personal first aid kit to keep around for any bad days we have, whether public transportation or broken hearts are to blame.

Of course, there is a book in my first aid kit. Head over to English Muse to see my full post and let me know, here or there, what you would put in your kit, books and all.


Charlotte said...

There'd definitely be a book in mine too. That and a bag of cheese biscuits, a photo of my pets and a teabag ;)

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