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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The New Ghost

I've never been a big reader of comics or graphic novels, but I've always admired their story-telling structure and emphasis on illustration. "The New Ghost" is a beautifully done comic by Robert Hunter for Nobrow.

Here's what Nobrow says about the story:
The Iroquois believed that the stars at one point had all been mortals or animals, that the souls of the dead would rise to the heavens and pepper the night sky with their awe inspiring brilliance, giving us light in our darkest hours.

Tom has manned the observatory for years, working through the night to discover the mysteries of the stars and the cosmos, leaving his days to sleep. One morning before the break of dawn, He sees an anomaly through the lens of his telescope; a spectral form drop from the sky in mid flight only to land in a field nearby. With a mixture of trepidation and curiosity he approaches the mysterious figure and with every step unwittingly draws closer to the answers he has been seeking all along…
For me, Hunter's illustrations in "The New Ghost" have a "bedtime story" feel to them, and for some reason the story reminds me of Casper.

For more info on Robert Hunter, you can CLICK HERE visit his blog and HERE to visit his website. And to see more Nobrow beauties, CLICK HERE.

(all images / found via Creative Review)


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