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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Scaredy Squirrel Beach Adventure

I love journalism, I really do. But sometimes I love my nanny job a little bit more. Like on the day we recreated the beach from one of their favorite books, "Scaredy Squirrel At the Beach".

Written and illustrated by Melanie Watt, the Scaredy Squirrel books are pretty great, really creative and I wish I could have grown-up with them. The stories center on a little squirrel with a big imagination. In each book he runs into a seemingly frightening situation, goes through great lengths to prepare for and prevent the worst, but ends up learning there was nothing to be afraid of in the first place. The illustrations really do make these books so great. Each story is very interactive and the kids I watch love pointing out each note and special section on the page.

For our own beach, we used blankets for sand and water, a toy meerkat instead of a pink flamingo and some of our favorite action figures instead of garden gnomes. To see more of the book and more of our awesome beach recreation, click through the jump.


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