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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Books, Movies and Bad Covers

One thing that really upsets me is when a great book is turned into a movie, and after the movie is a big success, the book gets a new cover. Usually, this new cover features the actors from the movie and huge, tacky type proclaiming the movie was a big hit.

For example, Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones. The original cover featured a charm bracelet, which is an important part of the book's plot. The movie cover looks very similar to the movie poster and is pretty creepy.

Some designers have flipped this method. They've taken some awesome movies and created the book covers they deserve. Most of these are just designs and aren't actually in print, but they are worth checking out and, maybe, drooling over.

One set I love is from blogger Spacesick. He created an entire "I Can Read Movies" series that looks vintage and pretty worn. One of my favorites is for Space Jam.

Also, I love the illustration for Big.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for vintage design and spot color, but I think these are great and I wish I could actually own them. To see more of Spacesick's designs, click here to check out his Flickr.

Have you seen any "fake" book designs that you really enjoyed? Any up-and-coming designers that deserve some attention?


Andy Ouriel said...

I totally agree, I think it takes away from the nostalgia the book had prior to a movie.

The only one I might be able to recall is To Kill A Mockingbird

Heather.Joy said...

Here is a "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" book with Johnny Depp's face. Epitome of creepy

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