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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

You Are Not a Gadget

If you follow design work at all and think you've never seen work by Olly Moss, you're probably wrong.

Moss has created a number of illustrations and designs, and his work can be found on apparel at Urban Outfitters, Threadless and more.

One of my favorite Moss works is his cover design for "You Are Not A Gadget", a technology manifesto written by Jaron Lanier.

I absolutely love the irony of this cover. To design the cover as an electronic reader seems almost obvious, and yet, the original cover was much different.

I am still on the fence about e-readers in general, though. I would personally love if I could use one for my college textbooks but that's about it. I still love the feeling of the weight of a book in my hands, and the sense of accomplishment from physically turning the last page of a great story. I also worry a bit about what e-readers will do to the art of cover design. The situation is obviously out of my hands, so for now I am enjoying watching the trend evolve and still love seeing great print covers like Moss'.


Marisha Pie said...

I'm NOT a designer and I've heard of Olly Moss (the red and black film posters). I feel slightly accomplished for some reason.

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