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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Crazy Cat Lady Clothes from Skip N' Whistle on Etsy

Books and cats just seem to be the perfect pair. I've been spending many lazy summer afternoons sitting around reading while my cat sleeps nearby (or tries to bite me. Either way), and as a result, I've felt super crazy cat lady-ish lately. Just let us hang all day in peace!

I think I've found the perfect way to announce my official status as a CCL: buying EVERYTHING from the Skip N' Whistle Etsy shop.

Because nothing says "I'm proud to be a Crazy Cat Lady" like this sweatshirt:

But for those who need something a little more subtle:

Seriously, how great is the cat on top of the pile of books? Cats always seem to be laying on top of whatever you need to pick up.

I'm also pretty tempted to buy matching Christmas Cat sweatshirts for my mom and I this season.

Do you, or someone you know, suffer delight in being a CCL? Would you wear these, or are they too over the top? 

(God, I love absurd things I find on Etsy)


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