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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Animal Olympics: A Beautiful Vintage Children's Book

I really love the Olympics. And since I'm homeschooling this year, we're doing our long-term project on the Olympics right now. We're learning a LOT, and I have the venn diagrams to prove it.

Obviously, this means I've been obsessing over all things Olympics-related. Even going so far as to search Etsy for the most spectacularly tacky vintage Olympic goods I can find.

Except then I found this really beautifully illustrated children's book from Estonia about the animal olympics, published in 1968.

I happen to love how each animal is matched up with a certain sport (those giraffes are playing basketball, of course). View the Etsy listing for the book.

Know of any more beautiful Olympic books? Tell me!


did you own tons of Golden Books as a kid?

the most lovely Paper Dahls

The Little Book of Heartbreak is the best February read

a little encouragement. because Olympics?


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